Ranked amongst the top 10 largest exporters of furniture in the world, Malaysia exports around 80% of its production. With large markets in US, Japan and Australia, Malaysia has a strong position in the global furniture industry. With tremendous growth in exports to UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and Russia, Malaysia is now eyeing countries like Algeria, Greece, Puerto Rico and Libya.

Malaysia has always been known for its wood based furniture, owing to its natural resources. Under the National Timber Industry Policy, the furniture industry is targeted to contribute RM12billion in exports by 2020. The Government will continue to support the development of the furniture industry in Malaysia through various initiatives to ensure its rapid and sustainable growth. In recent years, the growth has shifted from producing general products towards designing its own, and this has been key in propelling Malaysia onto the international arena. Popular with overseas buyers of the middle to high category, foreign buyers look to Malaysia for manufacturers who can meet their high production demand.

Despite numerous economic downturns, the industry is still supported by a strong global demand. While lower priced Chinese and Vietnamese furniture pose strong competition, Malaysian furniture continues to set itself apart with original design that places importance on aesthetics as well as its good work ethics.

The government also plays an important role in nurturing the industry. Providing Pioneer Status for tax exemption and Investment Tax Allowance, the pro-business environment makes doing business easier and faster.

With a business-friendly environment, good quality products and a high potential market, the Malaysian furniture industry is poised to exceed expectations and to continue its exponential growth.

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